How To Buy The Best Shaving Cream


Shaving creams are just like lathering soaps only that they need less elbow grease to form the lather. One can use a brush or their finger to apply the cream. However, it is better if a brush is used since it forms a warm lather which works well to ensure the beard is lifted off your face. It also helps in exfoliating your skin. The shaving creams are the best products when one is having a wet shave. They lather easily hence generate much foam within a short time. They also help in the protection and lubrication of the skin to make it smooth and moisturized.

These creams are packed in jars or small tubes which make traveling with them easy. Their composition is made up of fifty percent fat, glycerin which makes it lather quickly but is still thick providing the best protection. Here is how to buy the best shaving cream.

Your type of skin

Knowing your skin type is the most important part before even going for the brand of shaving cream. Each person has a different type of skin which can be classified as normal, dry or oily. These various types of skin have creams made specifically for them. It would be disastrous if someone with an oily skin used the product for dry skin. One should buy the products suitable for their skin. These can be verified from the site one is buying so that they will have their products identified according to the type of skin they work well with. One’s skin may also be sensitive which will necessitate the use of creams having aloe vera to help in soothing the skin as well as bringing in the antiseptic properties it has.

Ingredients of the creamproduct

One should consider using natural ingredients. This is because such ingredients are biodegradable hence work well with the body’s natural functions and the cycles as well. One should ensure they cross check the ingredients of the cream before purchasing. One should always avoid shaving creams which have chemical dyes since they cause adverse allergic reactions and rashes. Some have detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate to help in foam generation, but the eventually end up causing dermatitis since they strip the skin everything. Those creams that are alcohol based will leave your skin dry and may cause skin eruptions.

Determine the scent

Scent can be a personal preference though some scents are recommended based on your skin type. Those with sensitive skin and that which gets razor burns and sores easily can use lavender and rose oils, or they can decide to use the unscented creams. For skin that is easily cut or nicked they can use lemon and bergamot-scented creams. On the other hand, for skin that it easily gets breakouts cedar wood and sandalwood turn out to be the best scents. It is also important to note that one should avoid creams with synthetic perfumes. Such creams may cause dizziness, skin rashes and even skin irritation due to their artificial fragrances.…